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Administration Regulations of the Science Academy of Tsukuba (SAT)
Administration Regulations of the Science Academy of Tsukuba (SAT)

  • (Name)
    Article 1 Our Society is called the Science Academy of Tsukuba.
    2 The Science Academy of Tsukuba is abbreviated as SAT.
  • (Purposes)
    Article 2 The purposes of our society are contribution to the development of science through the promotion of mutual exchanges between researchers and the application of their research results to industry and Japanese life.
  • (Activities)
    Article 3 Our Society promotes the following activities in order to achieve our determined purposes.
    (1) Internal or external exchanges between researchers in numerous fields so as to aid the development of science and technology
    (2) Enlightenment activities to promote social interest in science
    (3) Exchanges with enterprises in order to further the application of science in industry
    (4) Other activities to achieve the purposes stated in Article 2
  • (Members of SAT)
    Article 4 Our society's organization is composed of the following members.
    (1) Regular Members: Individuals who support our purposes stated in Article 2
    (2) Supporting Members: Enterprises or Bodies that support our purposes as stated in Article 2
    (3) Special Members: Individuals or groups who support our purposes stated in Article 2 and whom the President recommends and the Administrative Conference approves of as members who will help develop our society
    (4) Emeritus Members: Individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the development of science and technology and whom the President recommends and the General Assembly approves of as members who will help develop our society
  • (Fee)
    Article 5 Members have to pay an annual fee to support the SAT's budget, and the same is classified as below.
    (1) Regular Members: 5,000 yen
    Student Members: 3,000 yen
    (2) Supporting Members: 50,000 yen/unit (SAT expects multiple units.)
    (3) Special Members: 10,000 yen
  • (Executives)
    Article 6 The composition of SAT executives is as follows.
    (1) President: 1 person
    (2) Vice-presidents: 2 persons
    (3) Members of the Administrative Conference (including President and Vice-president): Up to 40 persons
    2 Executives are chosen at the General Assembly from among the SAT members.
    3 The President and Vice-presidents are chosen from among the Members of the Administrative Conference.
  • (Roles of Executives)
    Article 7 The President represents our society and unifies the SAT management.
    2 The Vice-presidents support the President and become the acting President in the President's absence.
    3 Members of the Administrative Conference oversee the management of SAT.
  • (Tenure of Executives)
    Article 8 The tenure of the Executives is set at two years. Multiple terms are permitted.
    2 The tenure of the Executives who have been appointed in lieu of an existing member or in a supplementary position to the same, only extends till the end of their predecessors' tenure.
    3 Executives have to act or remain in office till their successors are appointed, even if their own term is complete.
  • (Advisor)
    Article 9 Our society can employ an Advisor.
    2 The President appoints the Advisor on the recommendation of the Members of the Administrative Conference.
    3 The Advisor can submit a report to the Administrative Conference regarding certain items that the President requests his or her advice on.
  • (Committee Organization)
    Article 10 On the basis of decisions by Members of the Administrative Conference, our society can organize the required committees to plan or implement measures that are necessary for achieving our society's purposes.
    2 These committees comprise the President's nominees.
  • (Conferences)
    Article 11 The conferences held by our society comprise the General Assembly and the Administrative Conference.
    2 The General Assembly comprises all the members of SAT.
    3 The Administrative Conference consists of the Members of the Administrative Conference.
    4 The President acts the chairperson of both the conferences.
  • (Call for Conferences)
    Article 12 President calls for the conferences.
  • (Quorum)
    Article 13 Conferences cannot be opened when more than half the members are absent.
  • (Decision)
    Article 14 The conference agendas are determined with the agreement of the majority of the members who are present, and in case no clear majority exists, the chairperson has the casting vote. In case a simple majority is achieved, the chairperson has no say.
    2 Members who cannot participate in conferences because of any reason can still participate in the decision making by supplying a letter of attorney on the proposed items or authorizing their deputies to participate in the conferences and cast their votes on their behalf.
    3 In case of minor items that require a "yes" or "no" decision, the President can solicit the decisions of the members through letters and make the decision on the basis of these letters instead of holding a conference to decide the same.
  • (Minutes)
    Article 15 Our society has to maintain minutes of the conferences held, which must include the items listed below.
    (1) Time and place of the conference
    (2) Quorum and the total number of members that are present at either conference
    (3) Numbers of members who are present at the conference (names must be included in the case of an Administrative Conference)
    (4) Items that are decided
    (5) Process and points of the decision, and points of the speeches given by the present members
    (6) Items about selection of signers of minutes
    2 Over two signers who are nominated by the chairperson have to sign and stamp the minutes.
  • (Subjects Covered by the General Assembly)
    Article 16 Subjects covered by the General Assembly are as follows.
    (1) Items about executives
    (2) Items about the revision or abolishment of regulations
    (3) Items about the planning of activities, budget, report on activities, and settlement of accounts
    (4) Fee-related items
    (5) Items about the disbandment of the society
    (6) Other important items about the administration of the society
  • (Items that Need to be Decided at the Administrative Conference)
    Article 17 The Administrative Conference discusses and decides the following items after the decision of subjects at the General Assembly.
    (1) Items about the administration of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors of the Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki (abbreviated as "the Board" henceforth)
    (2) Items that need to be presented and be discussed at the Board
    (3) Items about the organization of committees
    (4) Items about the management of the society, that do not need to be decided by the Board
  • (Accounts)
    Article 18 The budget of our society is fulfilled by the fees paid by the members and income from the society's activities.
    2 Our society can source necessary expenses from the participants at activities like those organized in the Salon.
    3 April 1-March 31 is regarded the society's fiscal year.
  • (Entrust)
    Article 19 The President decides other necessary items besides the articles decided by the Administrative Conference.

    Additional Note

    These Regulations have been in effect since April 1, 2009.
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