How to Join SAT
  • Regular Members and Student Members

    1. The Membership Application Forms

      If you wish to become a member of the SAT, please fax or mail your membership application form to the SAT office.
      There may be delays in obtaining membership because we need to follow procedures.
      After completing the procedures, we send the new member a recognition form with the membership number and several forms detailing the procedures for paying the annual fee.
      Please pay the annual fee in accordance with the instructions given in the forms.
    2. Fee

      SAT does not require an admission fee.
      Please pay the annual fee as listed below.

      Regular Member5,000 yen
      Student Member3,000 yen
      Special Member10,000 yen

  • Supporting Members

    1. Membership Application Form

      If you wish to become a member of the SAT, please contact the SAT office.
      SAT will send you the membership application form soon.
    2. Fee

      Supporting Member50,000 yen/unit(SAT expects multi units.)

  • The SAT office

    • SCIENCE ACADEMY OF TSUKUBA - The Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki
      Management Office of Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL TSUKUBA)
      2-20-3 Takezono Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032
      PHONE: 029-861-1206 FAX: 029-861-1209 Email:
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