Outlook of SAT
    Outlook of SCIENCE ACADEMY OF TSUKUBA (SAT) - The Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki

  1. The Principle behind the SAT's Activities

    The SAT organizes the activities to promote "exchange and harmony between members-the starting point of SAT."

  2. The Activities

    1. Study and Exchange between Industries and Research Institutes
      • TX Technology Showcase in Tsukuba
        • The SAT conducts the TX Technology Showcase in Tsukuba to facilitate effective application of scientific and technological findings in industries in association with research institutes, thus promoting mutual exchanges between research institutes and enterprises.
      • The SAT Tsukuba Style Exchange Meeting
        • The SAT advances science and arts among its members, their families, and citizens.
    2. Encouragement of Scientific Research and Development
      • Conferring awards such as the Leo Esaki Prize and the Tsukuba Prize
        • The SAT gives out the following awards: Leo Esaki Prize, Tsukuba Prize, and Tsukuba Encouragement Prize. The SAT also conducts an award ceremony and organizes lecture meetings with the recipients as speakers.
    3. Promotion of Science and Technology
      • SAT Forum
        • To contribute to the development of science and technology, SAT conducts forums in cooperation with industries, academies, and public sectors. Further, the SAT promotes researches for various specialties.
      • International Lecture Meetings
        • SAT organizes international lecture meetings and social gatherings for highly reputed foreign researchers visiting or living in Tsukuba. Thus, the SAT promotes international exchanges in science and technology.
    4. Promotion of Research and Development
      • Publication of a Book
        • The SAT publishes a book that focuses on the remarkable researchers working at Tsukuba University and other institutes in Tsukuba City, who have conducted outstanding research. This book serves to enlighten students studying in the upper grades of high school and in university.
    5. Exchange between Members
      • Social Gatherings between Supporting Members
        • The SAT promotes exchanges between members, particularly supporting members, in order to help them spread knowledge and wisdom.
    6. Public Relations
      • Publication of the SAT Journals
      • A website (http://www.science-academy.jp/)
      • E-mails to Members on the Most Current SAT Information
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